The mission of Parent University is to educate, inspire and empower parents to meet the needs of their children by becoming their first and most important teacher.

Parents will become full partners in the education of their children by assisting the child in reaching his/her fullest potential.

Goals of Parent University-Effingham

  1. Help parents become full partners in educating their children by providing knowledge, skills and resources to support their children’s education.
  2. To get parents involved in opportunities to partner in the education of their child.
  3. To provide instructional awareness of parenting skills that will increase productivity.
  4. To provide opportunity to help the at-risk child.

What is Parent University?

  • Parent University-Effingham is a community collaborative that provides free learning sessions designed to assist parents in supporting their children to achieve in school and life.
  • The Parent University sessions focus on child development, what children are learning in school, advocacy, parent leadership, effective parenting skills and personal growth and development.
  • Parent University – Effingham offers the following:
  1. Three day-long Saturday sessions at Effingham County Middle School
    • Fall Session – September 28, 2013
    • Winter Session –February 22, 2014
    • Spring Session – April 5 2014
  2. Additional sessions provided throughout the year at the schools and community centers.
  3. Parent University Graduation for parents who have completed a set of learning sessions – TBA.

Program Features

  • Academically Focused Classes to improve student achievement and strengthen the family unit.
  • CORE Classes that teach, inform, update and/or clarify specific subject matter relevant to the home, school and community.
  • Children classes that are age appropriate with curriculums designed to meet (SBRRP) Scientifically-Based Reading Research Practices
  • No cost to participants
  • Continental breakfast provided
  • Lunch provided
  • Childcare provided for children age 3
  • Age appropriate academic instruction provided for ages 4 and up
  • Free new book for each child
  • Door Prizes for children and adults

Who May Attend Parent University?

  • Parent University is designed for ALL parents or caregivers of children enrolled in Effingham County schools grades Pre-K – 12 and concerned members of the community.
  • The sessions will meet the needs of all who are interested in helping children. Enrichment Sessions are also available to enhance the lives of participants who do not have children in their care.


  • Participants are given the opportunity to evaluate each session attended and are also encouraged to complete a final evaluation at the close of the day to rate their Parent University – Effingham experience.
  • The evaluations are tallied and used to fine tune the next Parent University – Effingham session.


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